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10 Hours ago Nvidia's rtx 3090 Is Only 10 Percent Faster Than rtx 3080 in 4K Gaming
Nvidia revealed the stat as it prepares to launch the $1,499 graphics card tomorrow. Nvidia has preemptively apologized for what it expects to be a limited supply.
PC Magazine

13 Hours ago How Much You’ll Pay For Third-Party rtx 3090, 3080 Cards In Australia
Getting a Founders Edition rtx card is pretty damn hard anywhere in the world. So if you're looking for an rtx 3080 or 3090 in Australia, you'll need to buy a third-party model instead. And as you'd ...
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19 Hours ago Nvidia rtx 3060 & 3080 20GB SKUs leaked in rtx 30 Series roadmap
Recent photos of a GALAX presentation in China revealed that rtx 3060 and rtx 3080 20GB GPUs may be coming in the future of Nvidia's rtx 30 Series.

21 Hours ago Review: The NVIDIA GeForce rtx 3080 Takes PC Gaming To New Heights
NVIDIA recently launched the rtx 3080, the flagship gaming GPU in the rtx 3000 series of its Ampere family of graphics cards. The rtx 3080 is the first to launch from the much anticipated lineup, to ...

23 Hours ago Microsoft promises more Xbox Series X/S consoles on launch day
Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Series S weren’t quite the shambolic fiasco that we saw with the PlayStation 5 and rtx 3080, but some ...

1 Days ago Here's the latest on rtx 3080 stock, according to retailers and manufacturers
If you didn't manage to snag yourself an Nvidia rtx 3080 on release day, you may be wondering when your next best chance to pick up this highly sought-after card will be. As it stands today, we've got ...
PC Gamer

1 Days ago Galax roadmap reveals rtx 3080 with 20GB, rtx 3060 with same performance as rtx 2080
As reported by Videocardz, aftermarket card maker Galax (known as KFA2 in Europe) revealed the unannounced rtx 30-series cards in a briefing with either employees or ...

1 Days ago AMD Big Navi could beat rtx 3080 — here's the proof
Specs for the “Nvidia-killer” AMD Big Navi graphics card have been found in a Linux update and show how the GPU could challenge the Nvidia GeForce rtx 3080 . A Reddit user spotted a listing in the new ...
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1 Days ago Nvidia’s rtx 3080 is reportedly crashing to desktop for some people
Getting your hands on one of Nvidia’s rtx 3080 graphics cards has proven a trial in itself, with scalper-induced stock issues plaguing the market, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for those that ...

1 Days ago Daily Deals: New GeForce rtx 3080 Gaming PCs Are Available at Newegg, Score an Alienware rtx 2060 Gaming PC for $788
Dell is starting to clear out its inventory of rtx 2000 series gaming PCs and this rtx 2060 rig is the best price we've seen, ever. For those of you who want to jump onto the rtx ...

2 Days ago New Nvidia rtx 3080 upgrade just leaked — and it could crush AMD Big Navi
The Nvidia GeForce rtx 3080 has only just been released, but there’s a fairly substantial rumor that a new 20GB version is on its way, alongside a GeForce rtx 3060. A presentati ...
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