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1 Weeks ago Bolsonaro’s Military Backing Stokes Growing Unease in army ranks
Brazil’s president packed his administration with military men. Now, a spiraling health crisis is making generals and soldiers nervous.
Bloomberg on

2 Weeks ago 95 Percent Casualties: Why It Was So Hard to Stop the Nazis From Laying Siege to Leningrad
For all practical purposes, the original Soviet air force and armor ceased to exist, and of those Red army men who met the German onslaught in June, only 8 percent were still in the ranks. Despite ...
The National Interest

3 Months ago Military draft, service advocates see debate transformed by coronavirus
Imagine, in the teeth of the coronavirus crisis, President Trump had been able to call up a literal and figurative army of trained volunteers, both to swell the ranks of a strained military and to ...
Washington Times

3 Years ago army ranks For Enlisted Personnel
There are 13 enlisted army ranks: Private, Private Second Class ... Sergeants (SGT) operate in an environment where the sparks fly - where the axe meets the stone. Although not the lowest level ...

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