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11 Hours ago Isolate immediately if you're showing covid-19 symptoms, say Valley experts
Valley health officials say it's become hard to get an appointment for coronavirus testing again, so you shouldn't wait for test results to self-isolate.
ABC30 Action News

16 Hours ago Pac-12 Discloses that Commissioner Larry Scott is Positive for covid-19
The conference leader has been confined to home after experiencing mild flu-like symptoms. His job already had been in question.
Sports Illustrated

17 Hours ago 2nd pregnant woman in California dies from covid-19
For most people, covid-19 causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some — especially older adults and people with exist ...

18 Hours ago As symptoms change, here’s how you can tell if it’s covid-19 or allergies
As nasal and throat symptoms become more common in covid-19 patients— the differences between the virus and allergies can be blurry.

18 Hours ago People with this blood type were at less risk of experiencing severe covid-19 symptoms, study showed
Dr. Anjali Shastri with 23andMe says more than 900,000 people have taken their covid-19 survey. Back in April, the company asked those who have previously tested positive for the ...

19 Hours ago Coronavirus outbreak at Local 10 News: covid-19 patients experience different symptoms
Roy Ramos and Nicole Perez are both fighting covid-19, but they have both been experiencing very different symptoms.

19 Hours ago CEO of Georgia Power’s parent tests positive for virus
Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning said he has tested positive for covid-19, but hasn't shown symptoms. The Atlanta-based company, the parent of Georgia Power, is one of the largest and most influential ...
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

symptoms of covid-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath ...">

20 Hours ago LA Officials Have Changed Their Tune On Testing For All
"A test is not a passport to party," he said. L.A. public health officials are now saying you'll get priority for testing if: You have symptoms of covid-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath ...

21 Hours ago covid Is Making This One Thing 90 Percent of Women Experience Worse
If your PMS symptoms have been much worse lately, you're not alone. Here's why the pandemic is exacerbating them and what you can do to cope.
Best Life on

21 Hours ago Tampa Bay area hospitals able to send more covid-19 patients home with wearable biotechnology
Hospitals across the Tampa Bay area are taking some of their hospital care online, as they learn more about covid-19 and become more comfortable with treating the symptoms.
ABC Action News

23 Hours ago covid-19 symptoms: What we know now and what to do
Fever, cough and shortness of breath are still key signs that you might have covid-19, but experts now know there are other red flags signaling infection ...
East Bay Times

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