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1 Days ago A tale of two pandemics: swine flu vs. coronavirus
Every virus and every pandemic behaves differently and, unfortunately, so do the leaders tasked to respond. Today, instead of following a traditional playbook designed to limit exposure, quarantine ...
New York Daily News

1 Days ago Here’s What Happened the Last Time We Had a Vaccine During a Pandemic
The science of vaccine development has advanced since the 2009 outbreak of H1N1 or swine flu. Experts say we can learn from what happened when that vaccine was released so we don't make the same ...

3 Days ago Parents reveal fury at lawyers' deadline over swine flu vaccine compensation
Parents of children who say they have developed life-altering side effects from the Pandemrix vaccine administered 10 years ago have criticised an ultimatum issued by the state’s lawyers giving them ...
The Times

6 Days ago Pygmy hogs, the world's smallest wild pigs, placed under lockdown after African swine flu outbreak in India
Pygmy hogs - the world's smallest and rarest wild pig - have been put are under a virus lockdown. However, the restrictions are not related to coronavirus but to the first outbreak of African swine ...
London Evening Standard

1 Weeks ago Adults with obesity have higher swine flu risk
Adults with obesity are more susceptible to influenza A/H1N1pdm, also known as the swine flu virus, according to a new study. The study did not, however, show a similar association with seasonal flu.
Futurity News

1 Weeks ago Rove suggests Trump contrast his handling of coronavirus with Obama-Biden response to 'swine flu' outbreak
Fox News contributor and former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove told "Your World" Friday that President Trump should contrast his response to the coronavirus pandemic with the Obama ...
Fox News

1 Weeks ago Horowitz: Lost common sense: How America lived through the Asian flu of 1957
The government and the people understood that medical care and vaccines work ... onset of the H1N1 pandemic (swine flu) in 2009, D.A. Henderson, the former dean of Johns Hopkins School of Public ...
Conservative Review

1 Weeks ago flu vaccine orders up amid COVID fears
“If we can replicate that here, we should have relatively light influenza activity this fall.” In 2009, during the H1N1 or swine flu pandemic, there was a big emphasis on hand hygiene that helped ...
Burnaby Now

1 Weeks ago ‘You’re losing’: Fox Business pundit shouts down Trump spokesman after he calls network’s polls ‘junk’
He was in the office of the White House for eight years. And when H1N1 — swine flu — hit this country, all he did was shut down testing.” McDowell interrupted: “These polls clearly matter to you and ...
The Raw Story

2 Weeks ago VERIFY: How does COVID-19 compare to the swine flu H1N1 pandemic?
A viewer texted KVUE this week asking if we'd do a story comparing the 2009 swine flu H1N1 pandemic to COVID-19. The viewer specifically asked about a post, which claims "only 56 million more cases to ...

2 Weeks ago If swine flu Happens During COVID-19, Are We Screwed?
Scientists have warned of a new 'candidate pandemic virus' emerging in pigs in China. We asked an expert about the possibilities and risks of a pandemic-within-a-pandemic.

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