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1 Days ago 'I shook his hand and wished him luck' - Gary Waddock bore no ill will towards Alan McLoughlin over 1990 World Cup heartbreak
A last-minute decision by jack charlton ended the international career of one midfielder and opened the door for another amid a storm of controversy.

1 Weeks ago Alan McLoughlin: A proud Irishman who instantaneously etched his name into the history books
ALAN MCLOUGHLIN may have been b0rn in Manchester, but he was very much a proud Irishman. The midfield star, whose death at 54 was announced today, came of age at the apex of the jack charlton era. He ... on

1 Weeks ago Alan McLoughlin felt like he'd 'gatecrashed a party' after Italia 90 call-up by jack charlton
Some Might Say that Alan McLoughlin had no business being Half The World Away with Ireland, about to embark on a thrilling adventure that would stop a nation. But the school pal o ...
Irish Daily Mirror on

1 Weeks ago Irish soccer hero Alan McLoughlin dies, aged 54
He made 42 appearances for the Republic of Ireland with his most famous moment that goal in Windsor Park which saw jack charlton's side reach the ...
Irish Examiner

3 Weeks ago Finding jack charlton
The story of football legend jack charlton, which looks at his special association with Ireland, his complicated relationship with brother Sir Bobby charlton and his final battle with dementia.

3 Weeks ago Points: jack charlton-Hunt
17/04/2021 Regional C Eastern Region Return to Racing Circuit #1 (Eastern Region Return to Racing Circuit #1 3rds and 4ths) 23 0 11/04/2021 Youth Only VC Londres - Deux Jours de Cyclopark (April) (U18 ...
British Cycling

3 Weeks ago Finding jack charlton | News
News news from The Irish Post ...

1 Months ago Reaction Media Column 45: Finding jack charlton & Covid Confidential
jack charlton, who died only a few months after the documentary was shot, was one of the great characters of football in the final forty years of the 20th century. Outspoken, opinionated and set in ...
Iain Dale

1 Months ago Finding jack charlton
The compelling, emotional and definitive portrait of footballer jack charlton. Contains some strong language. We’re sorry, the information you’re looking for isn ...

1 Months ago Nobby Stiles: Portrait of a Man United legend
with Stiles mirroring his centre-half role alongside jack charlton. European Cup success at Wembley in May 1968 with United, was, Stiles said “not so much a triumph for our football club as the ...
Manchester United F.C.

1 Months ago Finding jack charlton
The compelling, emotional and definitive portrait of footballer jack charlton. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL] We’re sorry, the information you ...

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