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16 Hours ago The ultimate Windows threat could be from Microsoft itself, fbi warns
ONE OF THE biggest threats to Windows PCs is other machines on the same network running out-of-support versions of the Microsoft operating system, according to the fbi.
Daily Express

1 Days ago fbi warns organisations of increased security risks due to devices running Windows 7
An actively supported OS provide the best way to mitigate the risks arising due to newly discovered security bugs, it says ...

2 Days ago fbi warns about unreliable tests at New Braunfels healthcare facility
NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — fbi San Antonio is warning about coronavirus tests at a New Braunfels facility. Special agents suspect the COVID tests given at 'Living Health Holistic Healthcare' shouldn't ...

3 Days ago fbi warns on New E-Commerce Fraud
A wave of new, fraudulent websites has popped up to take advantage of the rise in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.
Dark Reading

4 Days ago fbi warns people tested for COVID-19 at New Braunfels healthcare facility
Officials say they have reason to suspect the COVID-19 tests administered should not have been used to diagnose or rule out infection.

5 Days ago fbi warns residents of COVID-19 tests that 'should not have been used' at New Braunfels facility
Mann, center, watches as his grandmother, Sylvia Rubio, is tested for COVID-19 by the San Antonio Fire Department at a free walk-up test site set up to help underserved and minority communities in San ...

5 Days ago fbi warns public about surge in scams amid coronavirus
Currently, she’s battling a series of health complications ... Special Agent Keith Givens tells Fox News that nationwide, over 11,000 spamming incidents have been reported since March, which ...
Fox News

1 Weeks ago fbi warns US companies about backdoors in Chinese tax software
Following the GoldenHelper and GoldenSpy malware reports, the fbi is now warning US companies operating in China.

2 Weeks ago fbi Alert warns of Increase in Disruptive DDoS Attacks
"In the near term, cyber actors likely will exploit the growing number of devices with built-in network protocols enabled by default to create large-scale botnets capable of facilitating devastating ...

2 Weeks ago Schiff warns Congress must be prepared for foreign interference in 2020 election
Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, along with other Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter this week demanding a prompt fbi briefing on a "foreign interference campaign" ...

2 Weeks ago US considers blacklist for TikTok, Netflix pandemic surge wanes, fbi investigates Twitter hack
The US is considering putting TikTok on a blacklist that would effectively prevent Americans from using the popular video app, Netflix warns investors that its pandemic related growth spurt is waning, ...
The Financial Times

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