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1 Days ago bill gates making $200 billion from vaccines? Microsoft co-founder explains math behind ‘returns’
bill & Melinda gates Foundation has so far ploughed billions of dollars into developing medicines. For instance, it has committed over $3 billion in HIV grants to organizations globally and over $1.6 ...
The Financial Express on

1 Days ago bill gates says FDA has lost credibility on coronavirus vaccines
Philanthropist bill gates has lost confidence in the Food and Drug Administration to regulate coronavirus treatments and vaccines without folding under political pressure.
Washington Examiner

2 Days ago Windows XP Source Code Leaked By Apparent bill gates Conspiracist
It’s probably not the biggest security issue that Microsoft is dealing with right now but the software giant probably isn’t happy about it either way: This week, a torrent appeared online that ...

2 Days ago Warren Buffett and bill gates Call This Man Their 'Hero' and 'Role Model'
A lot of people look up to Warren Buffett and bill gates. But who do Buffett and gates look up to? It's not a trick question. There's one specific person they've both referred to as their "hero." That ...

3 Days ago Has the era of liquid biopsies finally arrived? Illumina thinks so
B takeout of liquid biopsy developer GRAIL, which it formed in 2016 with funding assistance from the likes of bill gates and Jeff Bezos, may be a watershed event for its use in cancer detection and ...
Seeking Alpha

3 Days ago The gates Foundation committed $650 million to fight coronavirus
Plus, bill gates, his foundation spends billions on public health around the world, gives his take on how the U.S. has handled the coronavirus pandemic. All, right now, on "FOX News Sunday." (END ...
Fox News

3 Days ago What we can learn from how bill gates solves problems
Friday Opinion commentary, “The root cause of our woeful virus response,” when he quoted bill gates’s approach to problem-solving. Mr. gates said he starts with two fundamental questions: “Who has ...
Washington Post

3 Days ago Hillary Clinton, bill gates, and Others Address the Atlantic Festival Ideas Forum
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and bill gates, co-chair of the bill & Melinda gates Foundation, were among the featured speakers at the 2020 Atlantic Festival. Secretary Clinton spoke about ...

3 Days ago Former UCF President Whittaker to work at gates Foundation
Former UCF President Dale Whittaker, who resigned in February 2019 in the midst of a controversy over the school’s construction spending, has accepted a job with the bill and Melinda gates Foundation.
Orlando Sentinel

3 Days ago bill gates reveals when he thinks the US will finally be able to defeat the coronavirus
bill gates believes the U.S. won’t be able to conquer the coronavirus pandemic for good until 2022. gates, however, believes life in the U.S. will return to a state of normalcy during the ...

4 Days ago 4 Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks the bill & Melinda gates Foundation Is Betting On
No one has to tell bill gates to put his money where his mouth is. The billionaire Microsoft cofounder and his wife Melinda have been vocal proponents of fighting infectious disea ...
The Motley Fool

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